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TitleDwarves Cant Dance
TagsDwarves, Cant, Dance
DescriptionA beta video created by Miir of Malvision featuring lots of in game dance moves set to music.
Submitted by Miir
Published2006-04-24 00:11:36

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dwarfdude!    (2008-06-04 21:11:22)
THat isnt the dwarf dance that is the goblin dance
subzero    (2006-08-14 05:58:37)
yea funny ^^ 4/5
Lilandra    (2006-08-01 06:58:24)
Liked it alot
Promenius    (2006-07-19 14:15:53)
5/5, shows how Dwarves had to be buffed in Dancking tree.. I mean come on! Their ultimate talent in that tree is "Slide"!!
wowo    (2006-07-12 02:49:19)
Lord Ironforge    (2006-06-29 15:30:17)
Yeh its ok but if i was that dwarf and i could dance like that dwarf i would seek medical health lol 4/5 =]
timma    (2006-06-23 19:08:44)
nice,i know dwarves drink, and i know certian euro places drink, that dosemt mean they gotta dance like that, they need better moves, i think, personally
Ragecleaver    (2006-06-01 16:57:35)
It was lovely.
Fafnir888    (2006-05-27 20:41:02)
ac/dc and undead are the best
Blue Oyster    (2006-05-25 09:30:14)
Someone do Hellz Bellz !!!!!!!!
Blue Oyster    (2006-05-23 10:02:41)
So freakin' Sweet !!!
ACDC B-Tiches Rock ON !!!!
priest    (2006-05-20 09:14:24)
shut up dwars are cool and they are very good dancers Big Grin
Medaron    (2006-05-08 01:00:15)
Pretty nice Big Grin
Chodt2    (2006-05-02 16:10:14)
whats with the females nude!

i cant take it even though im a boy its just wrong to put that in a dance y not a drama or something
Macke    (2006-04-27 08:34:07)
haha so dam true!
mahkart    (2006-04-26 12:00:32)
so damn nice, easy 5/5. really nice cutting
Moviemaniac    (2006-04-26 11:42:52)
This is an old one...never thought i saw it here.... Still great..I'm still addicted to it :P
hazal    (2006-04-26 00:37:15)
nice undead dancin
Blazer    (2006-04-25 13:26:13)
funny ^^
zenon    (2006-04-25 08:38:30)
lmao 4/5 nice moves
Lozzano    (2006-04-24 20:14:22)
Very nice, like it much!
Geurrilla    (2006-04-24 10:43:00)
Treu Dwarfes can't dance...
copgy    (2006-04-24 07:34:28)
Simply 2/5
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