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TitleThe Epic Legacy Movie
TagsThe, Epic, Legacy, Movie
DescriptionRocking with Epic Legacy !
Submitted by Jahkai
Published2006-05-11 00:11:36

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hanensf    (2006-08-10 13:56:12)
wolds most best movei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zyluko    (2006-06-21 10:56:35)
THis movie sucks so much di.. Thise ppl in this guild sucks, they dont even have good gear
Etnies    (2006-06-09 21:48:59)
okay movie, 3/5
AdenQueekat    (2006-06-08 04:56:15)
IT stinks 1/5
zeuscar    (2006-06-03 09:31:44)
well its quite good 3/5
Swiftstar    (2006-05-21 11:28:18)
Pointless. but never the less it was still cool.
Jull36    (2006-05-21 07:16:11)
i get this moive 2/10
Empty    (2006-05-12 05:31:53)
lol this movie suxxor!
SNEAKYlittleRUSHIN    (2006-05-11 20:42:20)
NikolaRaven    (2006-05-11 15:01:07)
any way not bad
Ardanis    (2006-05-11 14:04:28)
Well.. the movie was realy nice , but it was some films from Strat, Scholo .. and .. was it something more ?
fireyangel982    (2006-05-11 09:53:31)
htf did this get 4 stars was a rly crap guild movie didnt even show ure capability as a guild
freedomfire    (2006-05-11 06:53:35)
lol aint that the point of WoW?
E man    (2006-05-11 04:52:52)
they are just tryin to be cool when they kill some horde and some mobs
Macke    (2006-05-11 04:00:40)
same here :/
Medaron    (2006-05-11 01:09:49)
Well i did not really get the point out of the movie : /
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