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TitleI win at farming
TagsI, win, at, farming
DescriptionAfter farming wicked claws with a 5% drop rate for an hour or two, I decided to take more drastic measures...
Submitted by Syleth
Published2006-06-18 00:11:36

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salsamage    (2007-02-10 08:03:58)
did he got wicked claw or not :P ???
nice movie cool dmg
relation FTW !!!
zipmaster    (2006-10-12 11:14:01)
OMFG he took them all! 5/5
lilian82    (2006-09-06 10:08:43)
hehe nice
ascor    (2006-07-16 16:10:29)
O= the best AOE ever there 5/5 =)
xelerater    (2006-07-10 07:19:34)
moggy    (2006-06-21 00:15:19)
the skills he used are piercing howl and tehn collect up many npc's and hit retaliation nice warrior move.......
Knikker    (2006-06-19 12:21:27)
lol, dont wanna duel u Big Grin
Jonte_Kenobi    (2006-06-19 09:04:01)
Read the last message of the movie... that skill.
dpleos    (2006-06-18 13:14:32)
good idea ! hmm what to do...
Sunset    (2006-06-18 11:21:11)
what skill did he use there? that was amazing.
LoOpTRoOp    (2006-06-18 06:43:12)
nice! Warriors FTW!
therandomguy    (2006-06-18 05:55:46)
=) funny vid
joris    (2006-06-18 02:14:34)
rofl its easy to do but its nice 4/5
balloo33    (2006-06-18 01:49:47)
well still need the gear to get them down so fast
Arazzez    (2006-06-18 01:46:35)
haha kinda nice
viperfan    (2006-06-18 01:07:06)
sweet deal
Raiderboi69    (2006-06-18 00:19:24)
Nice, could have had better music though.
Raiderboi69    (2006-06-18 00:17:06)
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