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TitlePvp Vid
TagsPvp, Vid
DescriptionBasically a first vid. Wanted to compile some clips from Warsong Battlegrounds and a few others. This isnt a clip to show how much I own :), but more of showing how hunter pvp works for people who MIGHT be interested in starting one. I highly recommend it
Submitted by Kinigos-aka nadaz
Published2006-06-20 00:11:36

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Redilior    (2007-03-20 23:33:28)
ZOMG HORDE FTW!!one1one1!!!! ...star wars ftw... >.> -.-
logan500    (2006-11-14 23:46:14)
sorry. but noob noob noobie noob every body sing along noob noob noobie noob! but ill give u a 3/5 for trying heh
zipmaster    (2006-10-04 01:31:57)
man, usuck. 2/5
rosi    (2006-08-17 13:36:13)
best in pvp for u hunters here :P 0/21/30 it owns trust me
Ragecleaver    (2006-06-21 15:48:50)
this is dumb.
therandomguy    (2006-06-21 12:04:55)
22prentice    (2006-06-21 10:31:55)
Good mobie but im sorry.... not great pvpin the best bit was the lock i guess and he didnt fear and spammed CoA like 3 times gd but not great
Xunzul    (2006-06-21 08:28:36)
u disonored the hunter family with the 50-130 damage every shot i do that damage long time ago when i was lvl 20 Frown 1/5
halvorsen123    (2006-06-21 03:48:56)
lol,my lvl 19 hunter do raptor strike crits at 200 all the time m8... 3/5 because it is star wars music^^
slayer001    (2006-06-21 01:15:52)
wtf that music is from star wars :S
Tkn    (2006-06-20 15:59:15)
My lvl 27 Hunter already makes shots that do 110 dammage(but only special but still)
Inigma    (2006-06-20 14:34:44)
very crappy, and Knikker it is low bg and shity bg i might add, the hunter sucks aswell and tap045 he has his opinion and i think ur an ass
SNEAKYlittleRUSHIN    (2006-06-20 13:09:45)
movie is rubish...and STARWARS??? wtf
todyshadow    (2006-06-20 13:09:06)
as my main as a hunter I can flat out say...this guy really isnt that good =D
Leithia    (2006-06-20 10:52:08)
this was so f**king lame.. And crap music
markca    (2006-06-20 09:12:27)
Masoon    (2006-06-20 07:05:19)
Well you know.. umm..
Masoon    (2006-06-20 07:04:18)
It was ok i gess but...
slither    (2006-06-20 06:45:16)
yea hunters fight like bitches lol not very entertaining watching his pet do all the work, star wars music too? wtf completly out of place, overall horrible take it off the download list please
joris    (2006-06-20 06:20:16)
like raiderboi already said my hunter is 38 also and he gits 170's XD
shizoot    (2006-06-20 05:18:50)
pretty painful to watch a hunter leave his aspect of the cheetah on like that, do ya think he still can't figure out why he gets dazed so much? lol
fireyangel982    (2006-06-20 05:08:32)
even if he is beast spec his pets doin hardly any damage either, i dnt mind low lvl pvp vids there fun to watch but atleast have a gd low lvl 2/5
Arazzez    (2006-06-20 04:01:53)
raider he maybe use another spec then u??? he maybe use beast master spec and i guess u use ranged
Raiderboi69    (2006-06-20 02:47:45)
What a crappy hunter, ur hitting him for like 50 less than mine, and urs is higher lvl.
Knikker    (2006-06-20 01:33:39)
Who cares that is it "Another bg movie, it just manners that is it pleasure to watch it. This was good enough, and isn't THAT low lvl bg. 4/5
piemelaar    (2006-06-20 01:24:11)
Jezus this is booooring, low lvl bg FTL
tap045    (2006-06-20 00:47:47)
Shut up! You're such an ass.
CBRacky    (2006-06-20 00:16:21)
FIRST. another bg movie.................................
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