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TitleConflict taking down Ragnaros (Stormscal
Description27/7. Our 6th ragnaros try. 2 Son spawns. The music got a little bit bugged so 1 song is missing, but i think it works anyways. Ventrilo sound's on.
Submitted by Roghtar
Published2006-07-13 00:11:36

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karlolavb    (2006-07-19 02:17:40)
this music omg i get sick of it
boring movie 2/5
korman    (2006-07-14 06:12:47)
stop that fucking music, I can't stand it
Hoppuli    (2006-07-14 03:20:11)
What a waste of my time looking only to healing and ragnaros feet and hearing all time only:"FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK" Very interesting video... (10th)
swiftblade    (2006-07-13 11:41:02)
Word of advice, don't bunch up. The reason you keep flying through the ai is that someone next to you gets hit, and an AoE knockback then hits everyone nearby.. So, spread your casters out and voila, no knockbacks..

And the obvious comment, you really shouldn't be getting a second set of sons. Well done for surviving it though.
Cpt.Hawk    (2006-07-13 10:58:01)
Meh wasen't that great but grats on the kill.
Mongoose    (2006-07-13 10:43:27)
Emerald_Eyes    (2006-07-13 09:06:02)
what they said :P 6th yay
diamondust    (2006-07-13 07:53:36)
watup209    (2006-07-13 02:38:35)
4th woot
blablu    (2006-07-13 00:51:00)
daxius12 u right 1/5 (third)
redtro376    (2006-07-13 00:43:19)
Daxius121    (2006-07-13 00:28:34)
waste of life
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