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TitleSolenar the Slayer Fight
DescriptionThis is part of the Hunter epic quest that is obtainable from majordomo executus' cache. This fight is with Solenar the Slayer in Winterspring.
Submitted by Airex
Published2006-07-19 00:11:36

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bloodbaine    (2006-08-23 03:36:04)
m8 that can't be in winterspring
rangre    (2006-08-08 12:07:14)
loved the movie .. helped me alot
Wilzibub    (2006-07-24 15:42:46)
That looks like Silithus.. not Winterspring :s
jack444    (2006-07-21 05:04:55)
lol ragecleaver Big Grin
Megadeath    (2006-07-19 18:20:27)
Yawn, And that music sucks Smile
hellnigel    (2006-07-19 18:18:38)
if you use pet he will despawn
jason    (2006-07-19 17:57:29)
u cant use pets for the hunter quests guys
viperfan    (2006-07-19 15:31:37)
Ragecleaver    (2006-07-19 09:08:47)
SNEAKYlittleRUSHIN    (2006-07-19 07:18:52)
ive seen this stradegy before but still grats..
Silverpaw    (2006-07-19 06:39:33)
same as what Endu said Smile
Endu    (2006-07-19 03:34:28)
BTW; where is your freacking pet :s
Endu    (2006-07-19 03:33:12)
4/5 but just cause I love hunters cause the vid is pretty boooring... and put the whole quest in 1 video next time >.<
Renebi    (2006-07-19 02:30:03)
Nice but it seems more like its in Silithus and not in = *Solenar the Slayer in Winterspring.* ...
moonknight    (2006-07-19 01:31:38)
just a kite btw 3rd =D
Inigma    (2006-07-19 01:12:06)
This is an imatation of another 1 like it..so well im pretty bored, well done for the quest though
blablu    (2006-07-19 00:44:29)
first.... and i did this Q bad tactic by the way at this part u should try to windclip him more so u can shoot him ^^
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