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TitleAlterac PvP
DescriptionThis movie shows an undead fire mage in alterac. Tower, buff boss and grave yard fights... have fun
Submitted by Jiny
Published2006-07-27 00:11:36

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soonp0    (2007-02-19 23:15:33)
horde FTW! 10/5
NikolaRaven    (2006-12-15 01:51:41)
hehe I saw TONES of noobdeads so and i saw hell a lot of ally pros but yeah they are rear=/
Unduremlan    (2006-09-27 12:56:54)
The best players in the game are Undead(like me)
krupkee    (2006-08-21 04:49:08)
wow finaly i can see a normal av movie and see wat its lik in there instead of watching some crazy warlord movie kiling people lik crazy..
Dunized    (2006-08-12 11:27:14)
The music is gay
Revalf    (2006-07-30 19:40:51)
nothing special
Honkie    (2006-07-27 17:51:53)

Renebi, think Blizz only made it in Deutsch, French, Spanish and English
Inigma    (2006-07-27 14:42:02)
Im sorry, but its good but Unknown II is far better
OMGWTFBBQ    (2006-07-27 13:48:02)
Lol good movie =)
Minelx    (2006-07-27 11:38:17)
good movie and now theres a fire mage pvp 5/5
Renebi    (2006-07-27 02:16:07)
yea reall nice. But you said it whas finnish.... Can you download a thing so you can get it in Swedish? (Ingame)
Knikker    (2006-07-27 01:14:07)
Grea pvp movie. 5/5 The second son sounded like Terasbetoni. You hear a sample from it in Alterac mindcontrol massacre. Note: It's finnish
blablu    (2006-07-27 00:43:54)
me 2 ;D
myles1991    (2006-07-27 00:29:36)
FIRST!!! dident watch movie yet lol
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