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TitleNilbog Trolls Guild Promo!
DescriptionGuild video I made for my guild a wile ago, just finished it recently. Mixed the sound myself did the rest with WMM. FEEL THE POWER OF THE TROLLS! Only problem with this is that I made it when I was still using the demo version of fraps, but it still does
Submitted by (NTP) Nilbog Troll Productions
Published2006-07-28 00:11:36

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Deekay    (2007-10-06 09:58:13)
damn im so happy trolls are on horde side lol
Songz    (2007-02-17 22:31:41)
awesome vid, cool voice
Gamefreak112    (2007-01-26 23:55:43)
lol Big Grin
FARTMUFFINS    (2006-10-28 09:07:47)
Shadedil    (2006-10-13 15:53:34)
Very nice. ^^
Emalf    (2006-08-02 17:10:12)
dude the part with all the raptors is awesome
jack444    (2006-08-02 13:41:37)

i am kongo / voodude for all who no me
malas    (2006-08-02 09:43:57)
Well not bad
Raiderboi69    (2006-07-30 04:47:42)
I really liked it. and btw oordeen, if u dont like warcraftcinema.com dont go on it u nub.
Mychic999    (2006-07-29 23:19:13)
Awesome just probaly would have been better without demo =P P.S. keep the Echo Isles part.
cyper    (2006-07-28 17:05:06)
Trolls Rules! so STFU Big GrinDD
Leodin    (2006-07-28 16:06:50)
Trolls suck
Ragecleaver    (2006-07-28 14:26:09)
Fucking dumb movie. I guess im just not into rp.
Oh and the voice sucked.
oordeen    (2006-07-28 12:32:45)
Why is warcraftcinema so not up to date, this movie is out for ages.
Ulmega    (2006-07-28 10:32:17)
didnt really like it, was OK not great
Warrin    (2006-07-28 10:00:24)
I liked it. Would have been better with more fighting. Guild video makers should all watch Duckweiler (sp?) video first! That German guy made one sweet guild vid.
okue91    (2006-07-28 07:01:26)
Really Cool, it was like a trailer for a war movieBig Grin!!! The music fitted the scenes very well!
Sacrito    (2006-07-28 06:58:17)
CBRacky. STFU.
Nice voices, but as Inigma said. don't have the Echo isles part.
Rouge    (2006-07-28 04:49:24)
very nice movie
Cybershield9    (2006-07-28 04:35:09)
woo! CB finally didnt get First! Big Grin (It was ok)
Inigma    (2006-07-28 02:19:50)
Good. buuuuuut 2 things i find rong to be absolutly honest, you should really crop your videos to get rid of www.fraps.com at the top, and you shouldnt have any of those noobish bits like on echo isles etc..
CBRacky    (2006-07-28 00:25:06)
FIRST BIOTCH!!! horde using the "Aegis of Stormwind" shield just doesn't look right :P
Bassassin    (2006-07-28 00:24:13)
kewl voice d=
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