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TitleHowTO Kill Ragnaros
DescriptionWell mostly Swedish except our small norwegian smurfs, acctually a really nice run at ragnaros with 15sec to spare on Sons of Flames and Ragnaros down to 37-38% before they come. And even if you don't understand Swedish its pretty fun to watch, good quali
Submitted by Ferrat
Published2006-07-29 00:11:36

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Mattilack94    (2007-06-18 09:28:51)
How the hell can he play with is fucking addons!?
Mattilack94    (2007-06-18 09:27:05)
OMG!! its Pantera... hehe
knevil    (2006-09-25 07:07:50)
bad song, bad UI, bad quality...
2/5 for being horde

merieux    (2006-08-30 05:33:02)
lol 1 gay shaman xD
krupkee    (2006-08-17 06:05:33)
lol i dont even know how to get a so caled "UI" thing.. wateva it stands for and pretty ok movie
JULIANCARTER    (2006-08-01 22:26:50)
UMM HOW DO I GET COOL PICTURS on the avatar thing mine says no avatar selected but ill give the move 2/5
slayer5123    (2006-08-01 11:30:19)
bad ass song choice too bad i cant understand anything but that
fgbfx    (2006-07-31 23:27:20)
you have the most cluttered UI i've ever seen.
Empty    (2006-07-31 11:15:43)
5/5 for being horde!
oordeen    (2006-07-30 12:39:42)
HOLY CRAP! Get another UI, for your own sake!
Applaud to you for being able to live with that UI! Add that up with the far zoomed = we can't really follow it.
Gratz on kill anyway, but really... GET A NEW UI!!
Sengage    (2006-07-29 10:30:31)
Holy UI!, Through UI and lag we cant see, killing rag should take more speed, thru Ui and lag we can't see, good movie, but fuck rhyming i have to pee
Mordicus    (2006-07-29 09:09:39)
How can he see anything through his UI o.o;
moonknight    (2006-07-29 05:28:09)
4th =D btw hi dark star rising
Gaudaher    (2006-07-29 05:14:04)

(call carepolice)
hellnigel    (2006-07-29 05:08:39)
hemishe    (2006-07-29 01:21:08)

R.I.P. Dimebag Darrel
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