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TitleCraftingWorlds.com: For Honor
DescriptionBattlegrounds was a highly anticipated patch, but with it has come something no one expected... The TRUTH behind battlegrounds revealed in this exclusive inside look at battlegrounds, in the form of a short documentary. Visit my site: CraftingWorlds.com F
Submitted by The Godfather
Published2006-08-03 00:11:36

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lilian82    (2007-01-03 07:03:08)
lol ogre (farther of 6)
unknown-GM    (2006-09-01 05:13:45)
it all happened in battle grounde Big Grin &therandomguy im a gnome grand marshal ....... F U!!!!
Hök    (2006-08-17 14:20:43)
Funny xD
jack444    (2006-08-14 13:48:43)
Wilzibub    (2006-08-05 16:31:49)
That ending is genius...
Ulmega    (2006-08-05 00:31:40)
how you get orge costume? also great vid 4/5
Helmut    (2006-08-04 04:01:47)
Niblet    (2006-08-04 03:32:16)
great end with HS
cutie_queen_13    (2006-08-03 11:21:56)
That was so funny XD
Warrin    (2006-08-03 09:40:13)
Nice movie. Kinda boring. 4/5
Drakute    (2006-08-03 06:11:05)
lol nice ending with the bubbles and HS
zyrek    (2006-08-03 05:44:25)
im not sure but is this movie sended one time? because this is my 2nd time that i see this video
moonknight    (2006-08-03 04:05:24)
therandomguy    (2006-08-03 02:37:42)
lol, gnome Grand Marshal :P
Inigma    (2006-08-03 01:05:07)
But i must say, it is funny lol :P sorry for 2nd post
Inigma    (2006-08-03 01:03:31)
Good pvp video, but i want summit more special becuase pvp is pvp, its all a bit samey
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