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TitleArchaic Order the movie -part 1 BWL
CategoryGuild, Other, PvE
TagsBWL, AQ, WoW, thallion, world, of, warcraft, undead, priest, Black, wing, lair, dragons, magic, naxx, Stonemaul
DescriptionA horde guild on Stonemaul-EU completing BWL. This is part 1 so check out part 2 which is about AQ.
Submitted by Thallion
Published2006-10-01 22:46:09

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kibano    (2007-01-27 11:48:18)
couldnt read the text so 4/5
roguer    (2006-10-22 02:31:14)
dantedmc4    (2006-10-14 08:55:07)
captions came a bit fast...couldn't read em in time but good 5/5
Thallion    (2006-10-09 03:39:04)
i know MC and BWL are ez mode..but it was supposed to be 1 movie i had stuff like kazzak dragons and the whole of MC but the file was to big so i had to cut some away and split it into 2 movies....and yeah naxx on the way !!
kellir    (2006-10-02 14:07:11)
well done looking forward for naxx Big Grin
Masoon    (2006-10-02 12:07:55)
Well Mc and BWL suck there soo god damn boreing after the 100000 time.. but well done :]
Neru_uren    (2006-10-02 10:39:01)
Well... MC and BWL is like ez mode now = but hey.. if you look on it as a story, it do the job ;P... naxx next time?
Helmut    (2006-10-02 08:25:13)
moonknight    (2006-10-02 01:30:58)
2nd Big Grin
JairusP    (2006-10-01 23:20:44)
pretty cool 4/5
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