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TitleDestiny theatrical trailer
CategoryDrama, Other
Tagsdetiny, trailer
DescriptionThe trailer for the oncoming series of destiny, this builds up the tension for the first episode, release date september
Submitted by Inigma
Published2006-10-19 00:00:00

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Cartoonlord    (2007-04-16 17:13:16)
If you want my suggestion, the shots lasted too long to hold my attention, the music... sucked... and it didn't preview enough EVENTS... only two characters. Show something happening, and if you haven't shot anything in the process of happening, you're far too early in production to be making a trailer.
Plazzar    (2007-03-20 10:00:21)
Damn this is just.... bad on so many levels... brain melting...
Varaga    (2007-02-24 18:13:26)
Ooooo 1 hero against the entire Horde?

yup, sounds like alliance ego's at work.

warmongering sons of bitches! i fart in your general direction!
ColdReign    (2006-12-18 10:54:26)
fred    (2006-12-10 06:29:42)
LOTR music again? /sigh =(
qwertymaster    (2006-11-24 16:15:01)
I really believe you could have done better, some more unique music would have been nice, maybe some examples of the voiceovers (if there are any), good try though. 2/5.
Tendriel    (2006-11-15 18:03:38)
Tendriel    (2006-11-15 18:03:02)
sorry to say but this movie is not any good... but good thing tat u tried 2 of 6
Tendriel    (2006-11-15 18:02:55)
sorry to say but this movie is not any good... but good thing tat u tried 2/5
jack444    (2006-10-25 21:13:42)
FFS allys :P
zeuscar    (2006-10-25 02:55:26)
when is the movie coming out ive been waiting 2 months since u said it would be out ring it out now please.
sersjantn    (2006-10-23 08:42:49)
Alliance OWNS Horde... !! =P
Jaldaan    (2006-10-22 08:26:09)
Why is it awlways the 'Savage and evil Horde'? WHY?

Rouge    (2006-10-21 06:02:51)
"the alliance must stop the horde at all costs" NO WAY! FOR THE HORDE! (alliance suck in pvp, must be an easy battle)
Kulsprutejojjo    (2006-10-20 14:17:40)
WTF is this sh*t? The alliance must NOT stop the horde at all costs! The horde must stop the alliance at all costs! Damn racists who doesn't accept change!
Ghostwolf    (2006-10-20 03:50:15)
didnt like it Frown and what is up with the september thing...anyway, nice try and keep at it...you'll get there....eventually
Iwilltank    (2006-10-19 16:35:21)
FTW, Horde isnt savage anymore, we got the Fruity-looking Blood elves now.
Ragecleaver    (2006-10-19 16:03:02)
irak... riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
Azuthra    (2006-10-19 13:17:26)
i normally like yingyang productions but i have to agree with the above poorly done
chstens    (2006-10-19 12:20:51)
pretty lame actually, you should improve the music, get music that actually fits the situation, and its about battle, then add some battle, and zoom in the screen abit so that the fraps logo dont show.
Mr Hanky    (2006-10-19 12:01:27)

*static*"sir, we have arranged for the 0/5 rating now sir"*static*
blackdeard lethal    (2006-10-19 11:15:29)
Helmut    (2006-10-19 09:19:16)
D.e.s.t.i.n.y its alot like...oh i dont know...R.E.T.U.R.N mayby?

I think that the horde is the good one in this...hehe...movie!
Thallion    (2006-10-19 05:39:33)
totaly wrong music....the images didnt fit with the song...you should of had used a song with more of a build up. Also you should of had shown some battle scenes, since thats what its about.
Talvas    (2006-10-19 04:29:14)
Btw, CBRacky = Dumb ass.
Talvas    (2006-10-19 04:28:28)
This looks so lame.
wiw    (2006-10-19 02:16:58)
CBRacky    (2006-10-19 02:14:58)
actually my mom is more proud of my time fighting the war in iraq. STFU and quit assumin shit. you just admited that you spend all day on this site, checkin for me.
swiftblade    (2006-10-19 01:46:43)
Lord of the Rings music is so over used, the trailer doesn't look particularly special, in fact very average.

Oh, and poor CBRacky, not been first for ages, he must have blown his load. Poor kid, his mum would be proud of his fine achievement
Erunno    (2006-10-19 00:59:09)
Release date September? ^^
duivel    (2006-10-19 00:50:13)
CBRacky    (2006-10-19 00:16:31)
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