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TitleThe Core Promotional Video
TagsThe, Core, Promotional, Video
DescriptionTHis is a promotional video of the Korgall Spanish Guild THE CORE, based on Record of Lodoss War opening.... I hope u enjoy with the video http://www.the-core.name C U on Kalimdor!
Submitted by gamerin
Published2006-10-24 12:00:00

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salsamage    (2007-03-18 10:56:52)
in 01:35 there is an orc with some red set wtf is that set ... Smile looks very cool :P
not special movie
bomzy    (2007-03-07 10:28:45)
its ok 4/5
Daboo    (2007-02-21 10:38:25)
Oh my god... THATS SO... crappy.
Ask    (2006-11-23 15:56:49)
I really liked this one. It has a certain feeling.. 4/5
Jonte_Kenobi    (2006-11-20 10:06:59)
they dont know any better, theyre spanish...
Ithilian    (2006-11-19 03:54:15)
i think that this was cool, and just cus it has some unique camera shot and japanese music doesnt mean its crappy naime, although woulda suited teh ally more as the NEs are kinda japanese.
falkis007    (2006-11-11 10:00:06)
i want my life back... and sucky music BTW
Arazzez    (2006-11-08 15:46:18)
freaking cool Guild movie
fcadruideie    (2006-11-04 02:51:46)
nah not so good i dont think your guild have full T3 2/5
moonknight    (2006-11-04 02:48:10)
omg peeps, dont use drunken chinease girls to sing songs
Horde-ftw    (2006-11-01 10:35:31)
kinda cool but.. so damn anoying song why the hell put a japanese song on WoW video lol
Mansus    (2006-10-30 21:01:40)
Please, save us all from this POS...

Half the people who play WoW hate your damn anime shit..
Zanmato    (2006-10-29 05:15:57)
I can see clearly here that some people here just have a lack of fantasy spirit. Its a master piece.. and the music makes it look like a real RPG. its great indeed well done.
azzakabaz    (2006-10-28 07:16:06)
music = shit and plagerism.com
cutie_queen_13    (2006-10-26 22:30:26)
The music is icky! But I just LOVED the footage!
blackdeard lethal    (2006-10-25 13:49:44)
hmm hmm
hmm hmm
Marttin    (2006-10-25 12:31:47)
Change Music, Otherwise Good Movie Wink
H0uston    (2006-10-25 10:09:01)
Change the music. Take away the dragon/horse part and the stiff grl on the tree and it will be superb.
chstens    (2006-10-25 10:03:43)
Simply a horde copy of the Anime style WoW vid thats allready here.
Razmataz    (2006-10-25 08:14:19)
You used a little bit from 'Eternal Legend', as the rock standing idea. I think I liked the music though.
shaven1    (2006-10-25 04:17:35)
kingpinchy your just jelous of these guys i bet you couldnt do what theyve done HAHA i liked it, but wont join cos im not spanish but i liked it 4/5
Mr Hanky    (2006-10-25 04:07:29)
that's right.... japanese songs FTL they are gay ass songs for saddo's that jack off to PC games and anime.
moonknight    (2006-10-25 02:28:44)
THE HORROR! chinease singer NOOOO im dying!
hazal    (2006-10-24 20:34:07)
kingpinchy and azzakabaz it is just a game:P
good video but the editing you tried for may be a bit beyond your current skills and as such comes across a bit rushed in its feel.
Miitch    (2006-10-24 18:23:02)
Its very good i think
Its a big 5/5 i like the music and video , But the last 1 min / 30 sec what noting :S
raido    (2006-10-24 18:16:32)
btw the dark portal is green in TBC
just saying lol
and NIGHT ELF hunters are the best lol
azzakabaz    (2006-10-24 17:44:20)
it would have been good but all horde look fucken ugly
kingpinchy    (2006-10-24 17:25:45)
okay.......why do people this just because they have a full tier 3 armor set that makes them like king shit or something.......WOW...You guys do relize that ur not the only ones...ur not unique...Beside people like u probly masturbate while playing....NOOBS....OH and ditch ur gay ass Japanesse songs...bad idea......just makes u look like u really do masturbate to video games.....k im done :0
Piet    (2006-10-24 17:19:17)
not bad 4/5
dantedmc4    (2006-10-24 16:55:36)
i didn't like it
Helmut    (2006-10-24 15:30:18)
Mr Hanky is right, and I dont think that they all got like full tier 3 sets...
Xzawier    (2006-10-24 15:06:02)
Very nice editing and cool footages. 5/5 Wink
Minatour1234    (2006-10-24 13:57:16)
Noxxon    (2006-10-24 12:39:19)
Pretty good edvert i think. 4/5
Rmauldin    (2006-10-24 12:26:57)
I think it looked pretty cool.
Mr Hanky    (2006-10-24 12:07:48)
Lyl this is just a copy of that other anime crap on this site... Seriously this is a turn-off to the guild... Shit sound quality too.
Mr Hanky    (2006-10-24 12:05:11)
First, I probably own you all.
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