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TitleZul'Farrak Steel Force - Rou
CategoryGuild, Instances
TagsZul'Farrak, Steel, Force, Guild, Run, ZF, instance, Alrich, Thieves, Vudoom, Marlik, Olnir
DescriptionMy previous movie, only on steroids. :)
Submitted by Arthrich
Published2006-10-29 12:00:00

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Mattilack94    (2007-06-18 10:48:28)
BAAD!! Bad quality....
Ithilian    (2007-03-20 04:56:29)
lol u r all lvl 60s in 40ish amour -.-
kibano    (2007-02-13 01:05:10)
BORING! and u fucking mage noob standing in the middle of the melle -.-
omdabomb7    (2006-12-23 04:38:27)
wartem    (2006-12-01 10:32:14)
lol you are not even done with the event ^^ and the mages are not supposed to be standing in the middle of the melee.. -_- 2/ 5 for nice music in the beginning
ZmarT^    (2006-11-28 12:41:23)
This guild really sucks.. If those are lvl 60s they REALLY suck!
korman    (2006-11-25 02:57:43)
this is a completly new run I think^^
guttacarlos    (2006-11-08 00:53:55)
<Baaaaaaaad music!Frown
FARTMUFFINS    (2006-10-30 20:07:02)
lol never use AoE's in a big mob smart one! and get some range like the hunter!
kittykat    (2006-10-30 12:58:47)
come on if u do MC ok but Zul farrak a lvl 44+ instance :O lol 3/5 (for the nightwish song or whatever)
Helmut    (2006-10-30 03:16:20)
Agien!? Wow...this is so awsome that I just crapt my pants!
lilian82    (2006-10-30 02:30:30)
lol..? ZF is shit and ur ment to film uber raids
SNEAKYlittleRUSHIN    (2006-10-29 16:36:57)
also was that YOU using arcane missles?!?!?!? maybe the most pointless spell unless something is running...WOW BADDDDD
SNEAKYlittleRUSHIN    (2006-10-29 16:35:53)
no one wants to see your run of a 40something instance, i also play a mage and dude...wtf is up with those bars? maybe the worst ive ever seen...2/5
Tkn    (2006-10-29 16:30:27)
Ehm... what's the difference? I don't see any-.-
Minatour1234    (2006-10-29 15:57:13)
Sicariana    (2006-10-29 13:40:29)
I dont get it on steroïds? is it fastend or anything? (have to resist... cant... must!... THIRD.... damn...)
FunnyHI    (2006-10-29 12:54:10)
gomer1    (2006-10-29 12:02:50)
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