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TitleUiks Rock Video
Tagsuiks, rock, video
DescriptionHad a great time doing this. Music is thanks to Resident Evil Apocolypse.
Submitted by kristen2679
Published2006-12-18 10:52:12

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sersjantn    (2007-01-26 13:02:14)
BOORING!!Every1 knows how an Undead dances..
Garegirn@scilla    (2007-01-13 16:50:01)
GREAT music, fitting location for music, and its horde, how can you go wrong!
illidamed    (2006-12-20 19:25:32)
basicly just an undead walking around in a crypt...... 1/5
Ryker    (2006-12-20 16:37:49)
7th =D
Razmataz    (2006-12-20 10:29:14)
Theres a trick when you ant to dance with your weapons. Pull em out, and sit right after, but before you finish pulling the weapons out. Then you can stand and the weapons will follow you at all animation.
Sicariana    (2006-12-19 05:08:02)
But omfg, couldn't you have one-shotted them? xD
Sicariana    (2006-12-19 05:06:30)
Great mate, I like music and it's one of the better music videos. Also I thought it would become very dull but camera usage solved that problem Smile 5/5
ColdReign    (2006-12-19 01:54:23)
eh...its ok, nice try, but i think next time you should choose better locations
moonknight    (2006-12-18 12:49:53)
2nd Big Grin
Empty    (2006-12-18 12:27:31)
Awesome 5/5 for being a horde!
Empty    (2006-12-18 12:26:12)
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