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TitleInsane Crits Festival
CategoryInstances, PvE
Tagswow, crits, imba, moonkin, druid, high, damage
DescriptionShort movie of Heroic Mechanolord, Druid Heavy Balanced Crits =)
Submitted by Bosmuiz
Published2007-06-12 14:38:58

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deathrowe    (2008-08-09 06:07:53)
Im not on it anymore Frown but it was my first server <3
By chance anyone know/remember Loosecannon NE rogue haha that was me ^^
Rouge    (2007-12-10 12:24:10)
well it's on mechano guy u have the buff with +100% damage
Ozzy    (2007-07-09 06:26:00)
7009 crit. O_O
mattias941009    (2007-06-20 02:10:09)
i can't see the shit
Karlsson    (2007-06-13 08:23:51)
My server to Smile)) ive done instance with him... nice crits.. but abit boring.. looks like u wiped sometimes.. or u just showed the crits in wrong 'way'
kibano    (2007-06-13 07:36:56)
MY SERVER!!!!! and nice crits!
snarr    (2007-06-12 17:31:59)
man i miss this game being banned n all
Uluthus    (2007-06-12 14:57:36)
some nice crits there... but nothing special realy.
Keep your gear and spec i'd suggest :P
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