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TitleMurMur Brake Down
CategoryInstances, Other, PvE
TagsPvE, Murmur, ShadowLabs
Descriptionme and acouple of guild m8s ventured into ShadowLabs and i got bored so i decided to film it all :> //grulgurr Daggerspine Eu
Submitted by Naked
Published2007-06-13 09:38:57

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abonnent    (2008-02-29 18:28:29)
music makes me need new pants
GetMjölk    (2007-06-18 01:05:15)
The addon is calld X-perl
Deekay    (2007-06-13 14:57:49)
:'( 4th noooo xD
almost 1st at al new movies
buy peanuts obey monkeys
Enjoy    (2007-06-13 13:49:12)
Waht is the addon he has with the faces called?
duivel    (2007-06-13 12:31:43)
Piet    (2007-06-13 12:30:51)
hmm kinda boring, nothing special about a 5 man instance..
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