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TitleZG, mulle esimest korda
TagsZG, Zul'Gurub, PVE
DescriptionAndur esimest korda ZG's. Hiilimas.
Submitted by Rotike
Published2007-06-18 09:23:12

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watup209    (2007-06-19 06:54:54)
Hmm... And this is good becuase.. Zg.. Is easy as hell... even at 60.... Please why do you upload this it is pointless..... please lrn2p kkthbai 0/5
Ryker    (2007-06-18 16:29:04)
watched a minute of this 1 thing its not in english crap already =P, ZG is soo old... Keep trying
Ryker    (2007-06-18 16:26:48)
1rst finally and now to the comment:
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