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TitleAction filled L70ETC gig
TagsL70ETC, power, horde, rock, music, gig
DescriptionIn an explosive gig, Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain performs Power of the Horde to an enthusiastic audience at Shattrath City, Outland. Held as part of the BlizzCon 2007 celebrations. I recorded the gig numerous times and have given it the full rock video treatment, with fifty scenes in 4 minutes of full-on action.
Submitted by Karbide
Published2007-08-13 12:12:47

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BENJAMINO    (2007-08-31 16:32:13)
darn others going on stage and AoE!!
kilbert666    (2007-08-22 16:50:01)
wonder what an alliance lvl 70 etc would look like..
kibano    (2007-08-16 06:23:12)
to bad theres so many sounds around .... son is imba..love it

ginju94    (2007-08-13 17:39:38)
now i know where the have get the music from in the movie:I Am A Murloc 5/5 BTW 3:rd
Karlsson    (2007-08-13 16:31:27)
COOL, yeh ty for posting this.. Stick Out Tongue

bad that there was so much sound haround :/
Rollie    (2007-08-13 13:35:56)
Thanks for posting this! I missed the concerts and was wondering what I had missed. Nicely done!
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