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TitleWarcraft Lore 1: Coming of the Burning L
TagsWorld, of, Warcraft
DescriptionThis is the first in a mini series of CG movies from Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft Series that describe a bit more of the history behind World of Warcraft. This movie came with the WC2 CD as a preview trailer. This story is about 4 years before WoW. Story: The Second War, by human reckoning, was over. However the strife between orc and man continued. Only a new, otherworldly demonic threat may bring the warring races of Azeroth together, perhaps. The Burning Legion makes their appearance in Azeroth and bring with them a plague that will turn all into undead slaves; thus The Scourge is born.
Submitted by sylvanel
Published2009-01-18 00:00:00
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