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TitleVic Mignogna's role (anime cast)
TagsWorld, of, Warcraft
DescriptionThis is video for people who don't know about Vic Mignogna. Especially Korean (coz I'm Korean, I'm lonely TT I wanna friend who can discuss our love with Vic in Korean)Asian Friends and all of Rangers in the world are also welcome. I wanna spread the lobve! Risembool Rangers Fover!! (sorry subtitle is Korean.) 빅님의 한국인 혹은 아시아인팬을 찾고 있습니다. 한국어로 떠들수 있는 동지를 만나고싶어요^^ 미래의 리젬블레인저를 찾습니다!! 리젬블 레인저여 영원하라!! Vic様のアジアファン達よ!立ち上がれ!(w) 仲間を探しています。 一緒に彼の魅力に平伏しましょう! List 0:16 - Tsubasa Chronicles 0:35 - Full Metal Alchemist 2:07 - Wall flower 2:22 - Tactics 2:41 - Utawaremono 3:23 - Orphan 3:51 - Sayuki 4:16 - Generator Gawl 4:33 - DN Angel 4:56 - Peace maker 5:17 - AIR TV 5:56 - Full Metal Panic! 5:56 - Bleach It was made before OHSHC. Sorry.
Submitted by brisena
Published2010-05-04 00:00:00
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