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TitleBeavis - WoW PvP - S6 Enhancement Shama
TagsWorld, of, Warcraft
Description2hander is beavis, i get camped so hard its not even funny anymore. 3.) wf never proccs when you want it to ;) This video is only for enterteinment ... no skill shown at all. Armory link: eu.wowarmory.com Addons i used: AG_Unitframes, Dominos, Totemtimers, SCT, Shock and Awe To get the Windfuryaddon working follow this link: www.youtube.com Thx redmist ;) world of warcraft pvp ps: Talented moviemaker from russia: www.youtube.com ... wow pvp enhancement shaman windfury crits beavis goes berserk ...
Submitted by Beavis1228
Published2009-10-09 00:00:00
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