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CategoryDance/Music, Other
Tagsfly, bug
Description"Is it possible to fly?". A series of video's that will hopefully be a little bit more interesting then the average world of warcraft video.
Submitted by transcendental910
Published2006-04-02 03:55:12
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zipmaster    (2006-10-22 04:18:40)
ofc no private server.....just 3 ragnaros at the same place..xD
wiw    (2006-09-01 14:35:02)
if its not a private server then (sorry for bad language) how the fuck he 1 shots a ragnaros in durotar next to 2 other rags?!?!?!
jjb    (2006-08-09 05:28:38)
he didnt say he was a GM dumpy
crazyluca    (2006-08-04 13:28:40)
that was PRETTY retarded 2/5
chstens    (2006-07-28 12:26:40)
Only one thing describes this movie. GLITCH!!!!
turkybacon    (2006-07-22 23:34:35)
i give it 7/10 that was some great gliches
Cybershield9    (2006-07-20 06:42:20)
forget gryphons lol
Exoon    (2006-06-22 08:27:04)
OMG? Ghost or what Smile cool movie
Drizzard    (2006-06-13 12:31:21)
You n00bs this is not a private server I know what a private server is and this is not
stzx    (2006-06-09 02:48:43)
Lets me explain to you all how he did this Smile

Private server
private server
and more private server

he is not gm Smile

just useing a premade privateserver script
coolbean    (2006-04-27 08:10:12)
it an OK movie Smile 3/5
Singularity    (2006-04-17 19:30:34)
Btw -- Was talking about the flying thing where he goes under the world.

And the maker of this movie is actually a really good explorer, you should be able to find more on him somewhere on google.
Singularity    (2006-04-17 19:27:37)
Not a GM, done this. It involves... HEHHEHEHE...

Warlock, Fear, Duel, Great Height, Flying, The Only Way To Outlands...

derrick27    (2006-04-07 21:52:29)
it was awesome
NikolaRaven    (2006-04-06 09:52:36)
Gm film
thrull    (2006-04-05 21:12:25)
one word discribes this video

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