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TitleMace Combat Rogue 2v1
Tagsrogue, pvp, 2v1, mace
DescriptionLane on Bloodscalp fighting a Druid and a Warrior. Nice stun procs and more Lifestealing.
Submitted by Lane@Bloodscalp
Published2006-04-27 02:12:54
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falkis007    (2006-11-20 11:12:50)
Lol How could this m0ovephöiwuTLBFGLUEIWR.bguwelg,vbfulyeuyljbeyf... Sry for the spamming but that was what i thinked about this movie! 0,0000000000000000001/9999999999999999999999999
danielkoerten    (2006-11-13 15:33:20)
it dident have musicFrown so poor and what about the mace combat. like they all are fighting with maces
Aquil    (2006-11-06 10:19:47)
rick1109    (2006-08-14 20:09:46)
Dilbert everyone doess this so im gonna guess your gonna call everyone a noob not huh
watup209    (2006-08-12 14:08:36)
lol rofl he amzing =P
Knikker    (2006-06-07 04:52:53)
I mean when the TARGET is in combat.
Knikker    (2006-06-07 04:52:18)
Piece of crap. Frown I hate that kind of damn cowards who always attack when they are in comat. U cant say it was 2 vs 1, it was 1 vs 2 vs 1. U won only because of the damn yeti. NOOB! I never do that, and my main is alliance, horde do that as much as alliance. (The last part was for Freiza)
killuforfun    (2006-05-31 03:39:00)
i say grats fuckin disguted with horde them bitches always attack at the worst fuckin time possible then they think theyre good so whover made this u got my grats on it lvl 60 wraith tank :P
Shawnie    (2006-05-27 07:19:27)
Shame on you.. Attacking Taurens when they are questing... Grrrr Big Grin
kinggahn    (2006-05-20 11:50:18)
haha lameeeee.....1/5
Rogue23    (2006-05-09 08:03:53)
WOW... LAMEASS Movie, Gank people in Battlegrounds or something while their drinking or fighting but go attack them while fighting Yeti. Noob 1/5
nightrogue    (2006-05-06 04:14:31)
You should be in shame -.-
Magore    (2006-05-03 22:40:25)
You ass
atryl    (2006-05-02 05:22:45)
lol... Is it good? ganking at mobing? Gratz idiot... ALLY STYLE! Big Grin
Cruuse    (2006-05-02 01:24:07)
this movie suck
tornadox    (2006-04-28 03:37:27)
freiza shutup...we coppied it from horde style of ganking:P
Freiza    (2006-04-28 01:21:39)
alliance would attack someone in combat...
Dilbert    (2006-04-27 16:25:41)
What kind of noob would attack two people that are already in combat?
Dirny    (2006-04-27 15:45:33)
well......that suckd
Arazzez    (2006-04-27 13:15:57)
hm.. REALY BAD MOVIE.. it say 2v1.. and it where but they dident eaven fight him :S they where in a damn fight :s
YoinkaZ    (2006-04-27 09:02:46)
OMFG they cared mutch about u this 1 was really pointless
iwantwowtime    (2006-04-27 08:16:25)
OMFG LOL noob... they didnt even hit u they were in fight :S
mattous    (2006-04-27 06:58:40)
tornadox    (2006-04-27 03:43:22)
...they were in battle:S...so 2v1 doesnt count here
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