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TitleOn Top of Orgrimmar
TagsTop, Orgrimmar, Stormrever
DescriptionHere is how you can get on top of Orgrimmar. This was done on the Stormrever server. (US) By Deathheart
Submitted by deathheart
Published2006-05-25 17:54:20
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ginju94    (2007-08-02 17:45:46)
yay ^^ finaly learned to do it Big Grin
forsman    (2006-07-29 20:45:11)
It is sad that ppl dont know Rammstein! You know there's a peaceful garden to the west from Org. if you swim for like, 3-4 hours?
Nerama    (2006-07-14 08:02:52)
yay rammstein!!! *sigh* brings back childhood memories!
phantomad    (2006-05-31 10:48:51)
cool muzikk
Medaron    (2006-05-28 15:39:49)
easy and what is next how to get on the zeppelin thingy -.-?
dpleos    (2006-05-27 13:55:01)
ive done this tons of times
Fafnir888    (2006-05-26 17:34:23)
i was looking for this rammstein song and finnaly i found it.
Inigma    (2006-05-26 15:08:21)
ye cool, but i dnt think blizzard would approve of it :P
fotarasxxl    (2006-05-26 12:53:24)
yeah they are rammstein
fotarasxxl    (2006-05-26 12:50:56)
IF iam correct:P
fotarasxxl    (2006-05-26 12:50:27)
nice movie,RAMSTEIN FTW!!Smile
wickedness    (2006-05-26 09:02:21)
yep correct they are gonna ban u based on miss using there bad structure's:P
TKtheking    (2006-05-26 07:13:10)
if any of blizz dudes see this they gona BAN you :P
Mordicus    (2006-05-25 18:55:43)
But i went down it was so messed up but if you go down there all you gota do to get back up is jump on one of the floating braziers :P
Mordicus    (2006-05-25 18:54:05)
Ive done this so many times my friend showed me it :P
Nitrous    (2006-05-25 18:48:38)
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