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TitleBad Day
TagsQamar, World, of, Warcraft, PvP, Bad, Day, Daniel, Powter
Descriptionwoot! my first video off World of Warcraft.. it's a PvP (Player vs Player) video, mostly shot in the Battlegrounds, so you'll see mostly horde-bashing.. wait, or is it the other way around?
Submitted by eksplosyon
Published2006-05-25 18:00:13
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Deekay    (2007-05-18 13:09:38)
lol realy bad day xD
thats why you gotta be horde xD
awsomeman    (2007-04-09 16:26:27)
lol nice and i gotta admit this doesnt even get close to proove druid dps so u guys can shut up...
tylers4304    (2006-08-30 19:53:19)
DanielPowter FTW!!!
eksplosyon    (2006-08-12 02:05:03)
thanks for the comments.. the most hits i get is from here in warcraftcinema.. i appreaciate it <3

as someone pointed out before, it was a risk making a video like this.. im pretty glad a lot of people liked it.. i just wanted to make something unconventional, as all pvp videos i see out there are.. well.. mostly power-tripping.. granted it shows their skill, gear-based or what not, it got tedious for me browsing 7 pages of youtube videos all about pwning everyone and "making themselves feel good".. lol

il be workin on a second one.. but again, it will be more of a music video than a pvp video just like this one.. thanks again!
filthyrichdude    (2006-08-01 12:11:14)
LMAO idk about any1 else but it was funny mostly .....but .....kinda boring at some points
darkblade    (2006-07-15 20:11:28)
its movies like these that make me more and more stoked about when im gonna get the game
RondardHunter    (2006-06-18 13:38:26)
LOL! I always knew Druid DPS sucked, but in full PVP gear with one of the best PVP weapons you can get, and you still hit like I do unarmed? XD XD XD /laff

Anyway, kind of a pointless movie. It's like the complete opposite of Unbreakable's PVP movie (For anyone who doesn't know, Unbreakable is an Orc Shaman Warlord with Hand of Rag who pasted his best Windfurry crits into a video and tried to make himself feel good. xD), lmao.

Ok, I guess it is kind of funny.
Darrion    (2006-06-10 19:35:06)
a bad day indeed.4/4
Sunset    (2006-06-07 10:34:49)
He did really have bad day
Ariell    (2006-06-03 22:05:17)
i hate it when your in bG and you know your gonna own one of these horde that uve just stooped his health really low then a heal comes and the other horde comes and kills... sad... Anyway its ok babe theres alwaYS tomorrow...=D
LuvAPunk    (2006-06-03 05:23:04)
There were a few points where it looked like he wasn't trying to live, but poor guy.. Lol.
Yummyumm    (2006-05-29 08:49:54)
Panzers    (2006-05-27 16:02:11)
Man, I hate bad days like that.
I remember when that happened to me in BG.

Killing Blows: 0
Deaths: 40
Honor Kills: 243
Flag Returns: 1
Flag Capturs: 0
BattleGround: Warsong Gulch

Thos days sucks, died 40 god damn times.
eksplosyon    (2006-05-27 06:28:01)
well this is my video, why would i want my teemmates on it? =x
lol, nah, intentionally went after the horde by myself.. like real movies, this one is "scripted" ya know..
hehe ty for the comments
Hellwalker    (2006-05-26 15:43:38)
Hahaha....he is having a really bad day man
Inigma    (2006-05-26 15:04:40)
nice, i feel for ya tho :'(
Ardanis    (2006-05-26 12:19:43)
Where's your.. teammates who should be around ? or are you on your own ? :P
SNEAKYlittleRUSHIN    (2006-05-26 11:19:37)
hahaha i HATE that song but funny video in my opinion..not too shabby editing either for a 1st vid...4/5 hope to see some real pvp with that pvp gear of urs lol

sneaky out!
Jonte_Kenobi    (2006-05-26 10:47:55)
This was just a guy running around getting killed in battlegrounds to the sound of Daniel Powter. Kinda Sucky
hockeyman    (2006-05-26 10:39:41)
I hate missing that damm boat BTW nice PVP gear =)
NikolaRaven    (2006-05-26 06:53:40)
1 VS 3 it is rely bad)))
Moviemaniac    (2006-05-26 03:44:50)
I also hate missing the boat... Frown
Baalgore    (2006-05-25 18:56:18)
yeap, u had a rly bad day.... u missed the boat Frown
Mordicus    (2006-05-25 18:43:20)
It was an O.K. Movie.
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