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TagsArts, Animation
DescriptionA Talented artist shows his work! There is no such thing as a dark elf in WoW either, plus he knows armbands aren't there.
Submitted by cloudsora
Published2006-05-29 16:29:40
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kazzza    (2006-11-09 13:02:55)
hehe :P
Talvas    (2006-09-28 13:38:52)
Absalutely amazing, that drawing alone deserves 5/5. The movie; nice editing! Well done.
JULIANCARTER    (2006-08-22 15:07:51)
thatlucky ork LOL
watup209    (2006-08-14 18:03:25)
Boring but grtz you can draw awsome that why w0w is so well done i respect you for macking such a brill game
azertyman    (2006-06-16 13:53:55)
really f*cking nice
Sunset    (2006-06-07 10:24:37)
very good, impressive painting
cyper    (2006-06-02 16:02:16)
Damn Good! 100000/5
Camulos    (2006-06-02 14:50:40)
I dont think its just a night elf, think she's one of the forsaken. A undead high elf.

Nice artwork
Jonte_Kenobi    (2006-06-02 14:02:21)
I think he has either used a paintblock(or something) to his computer and then just speed things up.
LoOpTRoOp    (2006-06-02 04:59:32)
one more thing!How is this movie made!? Is it computer art or what!? I dont get it
LoOpTRoOp    (2006-06-02 04:58:42)
wow This guy really is an artist... go for it man!
E man    (2006-06-01 10:03:53)
DUUUDE this guy rocks
his art is like ehh grandmarshals claymore.
JairusP    (2006-05-31 16:57:18)
really good art just y is there a orc and a night elf togther? >_>
Medaron    (2006-05-30 11:01:22)
Really good artwork!!! Smile somthing diffrent good idea i would like 2 see a second one of this Smile
dpleos    (2006-05-30 06:12:41)
good art Smile 4/5
hartigan1991    (2006-05-30 00:44:57)
that was good :P 5/5
Criminalviper    (2006-05-29 22:12:16)
good 5/5
frag971    (2006-05-29 18:13:56)
nice artwork
Volon    (2006-05-29 16:33:03)
Kind of boring, but I wish I could draw like that! Wink
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