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TitleWarsong Gultch
CategoryBattlegrounds, PvP
TagsWarsong, Gultch, Battlegrounds
DescriptionA druid's tale of victory on the Feathermoon Realm.
Submitted by apalonia
Published2006-05-30 05:20:17
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awsomeman    (2007-04-02 19:28:07)
ok...i have a druid and this one sucks...must be resto
Apalonia    (2007-03-25 02:03:10)
Salsamage, if you are going to insult someone please make sure you use proper grammar. Seems to me like you only know how to type faster than your brain thinks and repeat what others have already said.
salsamage    (2007-03-20 12:23:43)
This druid is suck slow no dmg and only know how to do earth roots
Apalonia    (2006-12-11 12:16:47)
I had no idea my movie was on here. It was a nice surprise. First off, i know i am not a very good druid. I state that on youtube.
Second, i spelled the BG wrong Frown
Thank you to whoever added this on here.
cartman    (2006-07-19 15:02:26)
Why dosent she ever pick up the flag?
Larick    (2006-07-07 12:02:06)
I liked it. Very good Music I give not the best skill I've seen but it's not the worst eather. I agree with Markca a 100% on his view with the roots. You are amazing at keeping that flag where it belongs good job and make more movies!

Music 5/5: Skill 3/5: Total: 4/5
Larsen    (2006-06-12 20:40:11)
IM 19th, YEY!!
snarr    (2006-06-06 05:27:29)
Very good. Almost knows 100% what shes doin!
dookey118    (2006-06-03 15:38:00)
i loved it!!..good job on stoping them form scoring!!...go druids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muuli98    (2006-06-03 14:14:38)
And one more

- BAD GRAFFIC!!11oneone
Muuli98    (2006-06-03 14:14:06)
+ Pertty good movie
+ Good Music

- It Was Alliance no Horde
Knikker    (2006-06-02 23:27:47)
Wow! Need more movies like this, and the music was great!!!!
markca    (2006-05-31 19:16:13)
calling Entangled roots lame is like calling Sprint, Stealth , Every type of skill that can get you away from a person is lame >.>
the skilsl were put in there for a reason.....Rogues get Sap to stun
Shamans get totem poles,Frost shock to slow people down,mages get frost nova to stop people, warriors get charge to run up to the enemy and stop them from what there doing, paladin gets there shield and every other thing they can use, So Sayin gthat the roots are lame is like saying every other class skill is also lame, dont just say its lame, if you dont like it go complain to blizzard about it..people dont want to hear that shit >.>
JairusP    (2006-05-31 10:04:30)
good movie Smile i liked the music
dpleos    (2006-05-31 05:03:15)
nice movie AND at least we saw her die so u know its not ajusted to not show that Big Grin
John876    (2006-05-31 02:41:07)
Entangling roots is a spell, which isnt lame to use, i think its smart to use it on Flagkeepers and attackers, so u get lesser blows on you. It isnt lame, its smart.
luke536    (2006-05-30 17:17:38)
i realy should go to the BG's often... cuz i rule!
Dilbert    (2006-05-30 15:37:34)
Spam Entangled Roots much?
lemina    (2006-05-30 14:15:39)
the druid sucked
Medaron    (2006-05-30 10:44:21)
Narnia Music FTW!!!!!
alphamale    (2006-05-30 09:26:26)
deathbyzrow    (2006-05-30 07:24:43)
entangling roots...
Arazzez    (2006-05-30 06:21:36)
damn i h8 that "stuck thing" by druids :S realy lame in pvp :S
dom27359    (2006-05-30 05:52:39)
1st woot
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