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TitlePvP Vid
CategoryOther, PvP
Tagspvp, pvp
DescriptionNEW world of warcraft pvp
Submitted by Lko
Published2006-09-04 12:21:29
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12skipafew    (2006-10-27 19:26:47)
it wont work for me it says "This video is no longer available."
wtf is that?
blabla    (2006-10-12 09:19:51)
herr mejjer realy like wow characters S:
Baal1    (2006-09-26 22:49:12)
Cool movie.
dogalien205    (2006-09-07 11:16:14)
sorry to say this but THE WORST!!!!!!
herr mejjer    (2006-09-06 14:03:34)
5/5 for the posing women in the begining real HOT!!
Rouge    (2006-09-06 01:04:10)
maybe an add-on that he's a Gnome, probably only he can see himself as an Undead
Dilbert    (2006-09-05 23:02:12)
Well this past 10 min was pointless.
virgo821    (2006-09-05 19:22:52)
4/5 =D
Nil    (2006-09-05 12:38:52)
could it be, that its modelchange? and hes an alli? -.-
guttacarlos    (2006-09-05 11:23:27)
What a NOOB WTF !!! It sucks LOL Big Grin
Mr Hanky    (2006-09-05 11:21:30)
That was a good movie IMO
viperfan    (2006-09-05 10:27:52)
hehe he snuck into org...damn fool
02BRENNANC    (2006-09-05 05:02:54)
god damit the blood frost mage didnt kill him god damit!!!!!!
awwwww bloody hell he gave him a hard time tho
alpha    (2006-09-05 02:41:55)
not impressive at all
coolbean    (2006-09-05 00:55:57)
snarr, snarr, snarr,.....snarr....he can make WoW into a movie if he wants to..there is nothing wrong with that infact if there were to be a movie ... it would kick all ass...very nice movie 5/5
moonknight    (2006-09-05 00:23:33)
1st 30 seconds, stop,
Sengage    (2006-09-04 19:47:41)
it umm, sucks ?
ashtarian    (2006-09-04 13:18:43)
around 9.20 the rogue use an ability that i think is the racial from the gnomes, now how did he got the undead skin i dont know, it isnt the orb of deception though. not bad video
oerc    (2006-09-04 13:04:15)
seems like an undead thats still part of the alliance to me Stick Out Tongue
well, i love rogue pvp action 4/5
nollie12    (2006-09-04 12:54:12)
wtf he is attacking other hordies how is that possible
snarr    (2006-09-04 12:53:14)
world of warcraft is a game, not a movie
Karkaroff    (2006-09-04 12:27:52)
hm... /lol
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