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TitleA Question
CategoryOther, PvP
TagsXanzan, pvp, storyline
DescriptionA movie by me pvping with my mage and thinking loud with text..
Submitted by Xanzan
Published2006-09-18 02:50:30
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Songz    (2007-04-10 17:53:44)
frost mages suck, go arc/fire, cause who cares about ice barrier and crap, they cant hurt you if there dead so kill em fast
( (
bomzy    (2007-02-28 16:48:30)
and salsamage u cant say: suckest
bomzy    (2007-02-28 16:46:03)
u suck mage so stop play mage and u dont have skill u dont have gear AND money so start a new char and not a mage. i love mage and a always have so i play mage 4 a long time so i have get skilled but u suck srry 2 say i and stop wineing
salsamage    (2007-02-05 06:06:00)
this is the suckest movie ever !!!!
logan500    (2006-12-01 01:19:10)
Silvery    (2006-10-11 02:05:05)
Good music, relaxing.
zyr0k    (2006-09-26 12:25:00)
aaaw, you want me to cry for you?
there you go.
poor movie imo, gl getting better gear /soothe kkthxbye
Bladeknight    (2006-09-26 08:14:29)
man .. i have 2 things to say about this vid ...
1. only time and practice and constant playing can get u those nice items ...
2. everyone sux man .. its just a fact .. only few ppl in wow have any skills at all .. and u shouldnt judge urself nor put urself down .. ive never made a mage .. but i know they are awsome .. just give urself a break bro .. noone else has got the guts or heart to tell u .. but they suck too .. peace
x dew x    (2006-09-25 10:42:42)
nosfer    (2006-09-25 00:49:27)
what about getting rank 10 or something?
heggo    (2006-09-23 10:19:57)
And learn to kite warriors and rogues and palas (and other meele stuff) and dont spam aoe
Hoppuli    (2006-09-23 09:42:08)
you dont suck i know hell lotta mages that sucks more than you im warlock and i die more than you
Rouge    (2006-09-23 04:03:07)
i like the music, i dont like the mage. ambush is still ftw!
korman    (2006-09-22 08:01:36)
WHY the fuck do you always say that you suck, we just notice it more easely
watup209    (2006-09-20 11:09:15)
I am 60 mage and i say the gear isnt to great ofc lol but what you need to do is think im a mage i can solo sm De sell on ah the shards get a bit for that but you need to decide do you stick with pvp or do you want pve you can do both yep but 1 you have to pick gl mate it hard but im sure you'll find your rope's
SuppeJensen    (2006-09-20 07:00:11)
Nerf your self-esteem...
zipmaster    (2006-09-20 01:47:34)
+ wtf i can kill anything on a 60 mage naked ffs
zipmaster    (2006-09-20 01:46:02)
lol u suck, srry to say that u have to work with playing a mage. 3/5
Bobbo    (2006-09-20 01:31:43)
lol here is the answer, go and farm som gold instead of doing pvp
dpleos    (2006-09-19 16:03:09)
frost mage FTW and good question ive started playing mage resently and its got me wondering Smile btw 4/5
freedomfire    (2006-09-19 14:48:59)
You just got to go full on either fire or frost m8 if ur frost u can kill um before they hit u cuz u slow um and freeze um in place just do raids get gear on pvp get better and get pvp gear
nicovandooren    (2006-09-19 14:30:43)
OMG go for UBRS STRAT and SCHOLO for armor (then u got money to) and raid MC ...... GL
ist fire ebst in BG ? ppl told me srry im rong Stick Out Tongue
Sacrito    (2006-09-19 14:10:29)
^^ stfu. think if this was you.
wiw    (2006-09-19 01:14:44)
yay go prag more bout all ur greens?
coolbean    (2006-09-18 20:05:00)
good but if you are broke...go farm a lowbie instance like SFK for assasin blade or night reaver...you are a 60 mage so you can solo alot of stuff others cant and it aint ur gear....ive seena lvl 60 mage solo and kill bosses in high lvl instances but only because of skill....take that into mind and one more thing....yah youl be better when tbc comes out ....i have the same ideas and problems ith my main...i suck and cant get gear and cont afford repair bills but that dosnt stop me....good luck to you
darkblade    (2006-09-18 17:42:21)
dude. stop moping around and feeling sorry for yourself
Ragecleaver    (2006-09-18 14:40:26)
yes, music was crap,
oh and wall of text.
snarr    (2006-09-18 14:04:00)
3/5 pity vote
aldehyde    (2006-09-18 12:02:48)
Wow... Man you suck! im a lvl 52 mage and i can kill ppl up to 6 lvls higher than me (and i know that doesn't mean im the best) but christ...
SNEAKYlittleRUSHIN    (2006-09-18 11:31:46)
Smelly    (2006-09-18 06:55:11)
Easy, teamwork! Dont go alone, thats sueside. When i enter BG half the the players run alone and rush to get flags. Best way to live and win is to work in force, And tell the healers to heal when thay can as manny dont.
Hök    (2006-09-18 05:37:44)
Nice Music, but pointless as hell.
Only the music made me stay..
moonknight    (2006-09-18 03:40:57)
3rd Big Grin
Endu    (2006-09-18 03:30:23)
BTW U pretteh suck dude, Mayby mage isnt ur class, cause I hate ur type frost novaing and arcane explosioning to higher ranks cause other kill while u just get the honor by sitting next to the kill
Endu    (2006-09-18 03:25:23)
Seems like another plain old PVP movie, dunt like the music, I like Hardcore BTW CBRacky Up urs!
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