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TitleMroczny Legion
TagsMroczny, Legion, Social, Distortion
DescriptionMroczny Legion
Submitted by huragan
Published2006-09-28 00:12:55
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Fafnir888    (2006-12-25 02:19:26)
So Kordian is polish.
subzero    (2006-10-01 04:30:15)
...still loading...

darkblade    (2006-09-29 18:53:27)
Um ok
Kordian    (2006-09-29 18:38:28)
those are my polish homies
OMGWTFBBQ    (2006-09-29 16:23:29)
That was a MILF!
22prentice    (2006-09-29 01:52:09)
yea i think they all mite be boy friend Girl friend as seemed to be a boy to every girl yeah some of them you dont exspect to see playin wow do u wierd to see the kind of ppl that do play kek i wouldnt exp me to play :O(nice)
cutie_queen_13    (2006-09-28 23:25:43)
That was actually kinda cool
Helmut    (2006-09-28 15:22:48)
Like it really strong!
Inigma    (2006-09-28 14:31:41)
i like seeing the real ppl actully
Bobbo    (2006-09-28 13:14:27)
kinda fun too see everyone that plye's WoW
kellir    (2006-09-28 12:45:56)
nice mov and its my realm Big Grin
watup209    (2006-09-28 12:21:34)
lolz ok
Mr Hanky    (2006-09-28 10:49:34)
Phyo    (2006-09-28 09:51:28)
Nice movie!A good 1!
kinggahn    (2006-09-28 08:49:02)
Great Cool music nice pix Smile
krupkee    (2006-09-28 08:10:20)
azzakabaz    (2006-09-28 04:40:41)
wisla looks like a guy wiht a wig n lipstick on
waldulf    (2006-09-28 01:58:20)
First! this is good you dont just see the charactors but the players as well music good too .
beralai    (2006-09-28 00:42:06)
FIRST! rofl im a NOOB! just wanted to piss off CBRacky or whatever his name is
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