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TitleBurning Crusade German Intro
Tagsthe, burning, crusade, german
Descriptionworld of warcraft the burning crusade german intro
Submitted by erhanwow
Published2006-12-23 07:42:09
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dwarfdude!    (2007-05-15 08:09:38)
wat the heck they just made that guys voice german we can see this when we log on wow this movie sucks
Gamefreak112    (2007-02-03 12:34:22)
lol it sounds evil like if rammstein was sung in english then it wouldnt sound creep at all
everything in german sounds evillol Smile
Kure    (2006-12-31 22:38:53)
WoW pwns no matter what language. And ftw German has an incredible sound to it, I love the sound of that language. I wish I knew it, this video is teh bomb.
Sani    (2006-12-31 20:57:35)
Ozzy    (2006-12-30 13:49:35)
In german it sounds SO hilarious! >_> lol i kept cracking up.

Sorry for offending those germans out there. Smile btw im really cool Big Grin
Hoppuli    (2006-12-27 02:45:40)
The Illidan sounded stupid...
MadVlrus    (2006-12-25 17:38:29)
Hmmmm...anything will always sound cooler in Englosh then in any otehr language. Big Grin
(and no I'm not english myself :P)
joris    (2006-12-24 09:34:34)
ramstein 4 live (a) he rocks
zyr0k    (2006-12-24 06:15:23)
Silverpaw: Like Rammstein you mean? Wink
Silverpaw    (2006-12-24 00:59:25)
o.O sounds really evil in german...kinda reminds me of some rock bands lol
wiw    (2006-12-23 13:06:16)
Ilidan Funneh zomg
Belac    (2006-12-23 11:37:02)
not even gona rate it lol just go watch the english version
zyr0k    (2006-12-23 08:28:41)
Good, if you're german...^^
blackdeard lethal    (2006-12-23 08:00:52)
First for the first time
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