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TitleThe Dragon's Eye Quest
Tagsdragon's, eye, mountain, climbing, Haleh, cave, mount
DescriptionHow to bypass the cave and go straight to Haleh via the mountains. The video starts at 54,53 which can easily be got to on horseback.
Submitted by Me
Published2006-04-24 00:11:26
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Aquil    (2006-11-04 18:17:43)
thx for the help Big Grin
mikearcana    (2006-09-06 17:02:28)
cool thats a good way to get there
subzero    (2006-07-29 05:10:55)
pathetic...no sound
fotarasxxl    (2006-06-16 11:31:06)
lol i have done this already without i know that u must get through the cave to reach her but i ddnt make it movieStick Out Tongue
Jonhy de Mol    (2006-05-30 11:26:48)
thanks for this now i can do the onyxia q much easier Big Grin
wiw    (2006-05-11 08:33:22)
waw most boring movie ever
tornadox    (2006-04-25 12:49:28)
wasnt that fixed?
ashtarian    (2006-04-24 15:46:45)
its a cave south of everlook in winterspring, and Haleh is a NPC for the Onyxia lair key amulet.
frag971    (2006-04-24 04:46:58)
I didnt uderstand from where she starts, so this movie its kinda useless for me =
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