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TitleIceCrown Bears
TagsCelerael, icecrown, bears
DescriptionWhy I love IceCrown by Celerael
Submitted by thanatogenos
Published2006-05-17 02:36:03
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mach    (2006-09-11 16:14:11)
lol,that was funny
siranderson    (2006-06-16 00:51:01)
get rid of the extra peeps lol....

ruins the film
Nitrous    (2006-06-03 23:36:15)
CAN someone tell ME where you can get the character face mod the elf had on please?
Pala4life    (2006-06-03 23:26:32)
loool fun when they dance exactly same :P
Atomisk    (2006-05-21 21:46:59)
If ya look close theres was a furbolg, thats me ^^
Fafnir888    (2006-05-18 19:09:14)
that was a funny dance
x dew x    (2006-05-18 13:54:58)
Go Bears!
freedomfire    (2006-05-18 11:12:02)
Lol thats funny and evry good how come i never seen no cool stuff in IF?
FinMan    (2006-05-18 06:09:13)
Gotta love druids.. Big Grin 4/5
Nitrous    (2006-05-17 20:10:12)
Ummm... Can some1 please tell me where people get that thing or mod or whatever that shows your face and your character breathing or moveing or something like that!! i need too know
Inigma    (2006-05-17 10:54:55)
im sorry but it was just boring
Tiesto85    (2006-05-17 10:23:52)
That were nothing new^^ Cinda crappy.. 2/5
Minelx    (2006-05-17 08:41:45)
Shake those butts!
Medaron    (2006-05-17 08:09:21)
lol xD
Renebi    (2006-05-17 07:25:16)
Haha they are dancing better in bear form then in normal form
Dirny    (2006-05-17 05:33:23)
i <3 the yogi dance
TheGoldenCZ    (2006-05-17 03:41:18)
Lool Yeah Druids are top dancers Smile
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