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TitleTrespass News
Tagstrespass, shadowsong
DescriptionTrespass Guild, World of Warcraft Recruitment Video (Shadowsong Server, US)
Submitted by Trespass2
Published2006-06-12 01:40:49
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lavalampa    (2006-10-23 13:42:09)
hehe funny 4/5
Talvas    (2006-08-25 06:03:41)
Lol that was funny
dpleos    (2006-08-25 04:50:40)
ahhh i almost died of dullness off that! -999999999999999999/999999999999999
Wade    (2006-07-23 04:22:31)
It got boring
Pwnerogue    (2006-07-17 16:23:09)
It bored me.
Jonte_Kenobi    (2006-07-09 11:52:35)
How did they do that thing when he hit the orc?
light Brigade !    (2006-06-29 00:16:11)
I dont rlly like chinese there so weird
Zyluko    (2006-06-21 11:14:30)
Crogge    (2006-06-14 11:17:39)
mmh... quite nice but a bit mmh... crazy xD
Drizzard    (2006-06-13 09:26:48)
Its kinda good but it sux too
Ragecleaver    (2006-06-12 16:57:41)
Exoticbabe112    (2006-06-12 16:21:51)
wtf? ok making him an elite with full might to pwn the noobs alright good, but wtf it ended there? O_o 0/5 for ending it there giving it no meaning
dpleos    (2006-06-12 15:15:35)
lol nice pimp my orc
Sacrito    (2006-06-12 15:09:02)
lol. PWNage enabled. hahaha
Inigma    (2006-06-12 12:39:16)
WTF!!!, its boring, and why cant we see any ally get there arse's whooped!
Swiftstar    (2006-06-12 11:53:59)
Lol pimp my orc.
NikolaRaven    (2006-06-12 11:45:21)
Cadavre    (2006-06-12 09:48:41)
Zug zug, lok`thar
Rouge    (2006-06-12 07:52:36)
LoOpTRoOp    (2006-06-12 06:21:03)
lolz 2 bad we cant see what he did to allys after...
John876    (2006-06-12 05:41:52)
lol.. fun when they hit the orc.. else boring... 2/5
yonathan    (2006-06-12 02:23:59)
Where the fuck are your brains man !
Erunno    (2006-06-12 01:55:54)
Hahahahahahah, Zug zug xD
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