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Title2 foo fighters-all my life
Tagsmmorpg, foo, fighters, all, my, life
DescriptionMy second yet old music clip feat. WoW. Enjoy.
Submitted by strawfake
Published2006-06-13 01:46:31
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Gulnob    (2007-03-05 20:57:11)
you totaly suck.yer obviously a girl,an if yer not then become one dude.
Belac    (2007-01-09 16:37:46)
Whats the point though nothing realy happens...1/5
Raptornl    (2006-12-08 14:23:57)
only model changing ^^
Raptornl    (2006-12-08 14:22:47)
it's only model changing ^^
JULIANCARTER    (2006-08-15 10:35:58)
wow ur smart i guess....lol but i give it a A for effort
Ryker    (2006-08-12 12:22:48)
ok ok guys i am not the person in the movie but i know almost all =D ok this is filmed on a private server that explains diablo and the birds and skeletens in gadgetzan and how she took now damage thru the entire movie the raptor is not a razzashi raptor it was yes a night elf and that is also how when they were infront of SW she was moving so fast and the thing floating around her was yes a shaman move but if u want to get it without being a shaman go to gnomer like amillion times and get the helm and i like the song/dioblos =D
Mr Hanky    (2006-07-05 14:21:45)
Classmorph hack -.- 2/5
Ainhin    (2006-06-16 12:41:33)

Haz    (2006-06-16 09:08:06)
fooking stupid?She's a warrior and is on private server so she can get lighting shield and raptor...
Ragecleaver    (2006-06-15 18:38:04)
gimme a C, gimme a R, gimme an A,
gimme a P what does it spell?


1/5 for the foo fighters song.
metsay    (2006-06-14 15:04:38)
I noticed the shamon spell she had on. im not sure what its called but its the electric ball rotating around her :P ( nt opinion private server )
Thros    (2006-06-13 13:53:35)
Shaman with warrior stances
STFU Nubs its a NE warrior haha well definate hacks anyway lol
Good song though FOo Fighters FTW bihatches!
JGib    (2006-06-13 12:41:17)
um shite?
Moviemaniac    (2006-06-13 11:52:49)
Ne druid... can wear 2h...

But it's a private server because of the spawns, diablo and the rapotr mount... That wasn't a Razzazi raptor... believe me!

And Zeurcar.. What the hell are you?! Noobed or just Dead?!
zeuscar    (2006-06-13 10:03:36)
are you blind ?? its not a night elf its a troll and not a druid iether a shaman
Drizzard    (2006-06-13 08:59:33)
The point is, I think, she( wich is ofc a he, mostly, in WoW) wants to make us believe that a night elf dr00d can wear 2h weapons fight diablo and ride a raptor thats just a private server... worthless video 0,01/5
kantor    (2006-06-13 07:44:52)
Nams100    (2006-06-13 05:14:46)
Hehe im 2 =D) Yeah whats tha point? :S but i'll give it 4/5 couse i love W0W!
LoOpTRoOp    (2006-06-13 03:47:47)
What is the point of this movie...
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