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TitleWoW Exiles Christmas event
TagsWoW, Exiles, Christmas, warcraft
DescriptionHere's what happens when a raid group gets bored and has access to snow balls!
Submitted by Bulrik
Published2006-12-08 16:39:12
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zipmaster    (2007-01-21 13:30:21)
Nice editing and funny 5/5
Vereta    (2006-12-26 09:58:14)
Ho ho Fucking ho, what crock of shit....excellent Big Grin 5/5
mach    (2006-12-24 17:20:48)
bravo *clap* could have been better 4/5
Sani    (2006-12-24 01:56:12)
first part, good...third part...good...
Second part, total waste of time 5/5 chapter 1 2/5 chapter 2 5/5 chapter 3. Good special effects and cordination.
hazal    (2006-12-20 13:53:17)
love the ending, good to see people have fun out there
paytonmanning    (2006-12-19 18:07:32)
paytonmanning    (2006-12-19 18:07:10)

the boring is kinda boring but love the end.
fred    (2006-12-17 08:10:29)
gnomes rock
Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Yotan    (2006-12-12 07:33:36)
HAHAHA last song is the best X-mas song ever HO HO FUCKING HOOOOOO
Indis    (2006-12-11 10:04:21)
x-mas FTW! 5/5
Talvas    (2006-12-10 02:55:20)
Haha, awsome, 5/5! Nice editing too!
Ulmega    (2006-12-09 18:09:21)
lol 5/5
Ragecleaver    (2006-12-09 12:22:13)
you dont need to write a full review pkotochik, just say: it sucks. Just like the rest of us jackoffs.
Eraser    (2006-12-09 10:38:07)
omg,nice 5/5
photochik02    (2006-12-09 09:35:28)
i can't see anything past 1:21, as it shuts off to the replay again screen. from what i saw, the beginning is kind of boring, but i like the concept. therefore, i won't vote until i have seen the movie in its entirety.
Razmataz    (2006-12-09 07:39:28)
ROFL, hilarous! I like the speeding up and slowing down..
Erunno    (2006-12-09 05:07:34)
LOL! Gnomes everywhere!

The movie rocks Big Grin
duivel    (2006-12-09 04:37:30)
funny Big Grin
Ghostwolf    (2006-12-09 02:53:49)
I have a soft spot for gnomes Wink
009    (2006-12-08 18:06:57)
this was kinda funny Big Grin
zyr0k    (2006-12-08 16:56:14)
pretty nice Smile 4/5!
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