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TitleComical Server Lag
TagsWoW, world, of, warcraft, server, lag
DescriptionI actually made this a long time ago, back when World of Warcraft had some serious server issues. By now pretty much everything is fixed, but I still find this video funny. I love the way it came out.
Submitted by nigmanoname
Published2007-01-05 00:38:13
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kibano    (2007-08-06 08:51:07)

thanks to my new graphic card i dont algg anymore ( YAY! )
rockerrock13    (2007-04-05 11:46:24)
lol, ,major lag
hani    (2007-03-01 16:59:42)
lol that always happens if your compter is lagging
xecuter    (2007-02-11 19:08:54)
dang ive had bad lag spikes for atleast 1.5 mins and some reason the mobs stopped aswell so we didn't kill killed Smile
ColdReign Studios    (2007-02-01 14:57:18)
I cant think of a more annoying tune than that! it was awful!
COldReign Studios
masterpwn    (2007-01-24 13:40:17)
OUCH!! i hate it when i lag like that but i did have worce once
Kure    (2007-01-23 21:18:48)
Random Access Memory
Elundur    (2007-01-21 13:04:58)
hahahahahahahahah beautiful music!!!
Hoppuli    (2007-01-10 10:28:11)
I was tanking with my alt and came that lag and when priest was casting heal and my health was low... When the lag ended the whole group was wiped...
Ulmega    (2007-01-06 23:13:00)
lol, nice, 5/5, nice music too
nicovandooren    (2007-01-06 09:02:55)
haha poor u
be happy ur not a healer Stick Out Tongue
5/5 like the music
zyr0k    (2007-01-05 15:49:23)
Kek, I love the music in it^^ What's it named? xD
raido    (2007-01-05 13:44:20)
HahAHAH nice 1
kellir    (2007-01-05 09:50:29)
lol i had it whit flash heal one time only my hands glowed but for the rest it din't anything
Talvas    (2007-01-05 08:57:35)
wiw (2007-01-05 06:43:50)
ive lagged worce


Erunno    (2007-01-05 07:35:25)
So true....love character migrations Stick Out Tongue
Filiusnox    (2007-01-05 07:30:51)
lol poor guy Smile
nice done Wink
wiw    (2007-01-05 06:43:50)
ive lagged worce
Xzawier    (2007-01-05 04:05:32)
Oh god I hate those lags Frown
Nice movie BTW.
mikoZ    (2007-01-05 04:04:01)
Aha and? who cares about that? not me ill give u -5/+5
Helmut    (2007-01-05 01:41:24)
I know how you feel, everyone has laggd like that...
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