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TitleWoW presentation by Joi Ito at 23C3
Tagswow, business, berlin, skills
DescriptionWorld of Warcraft talk Joi Ito gave at the recent 23rd Chaos Communications Congress that took place in Berlin. His talk is on how World of Warcraft really breeds relevant real world skills, many of which are helpful and/or essential in the corporate business world.
Submitted by Joi Ito
Published2007-01-07 14:02:55
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vorgan    (2007-02-05 18:45:30)
Don't want to watch 43 minutes of a guy talking abt leveling...
MadVlrus    (2007-02-05 13:23:10)
Why ta heck is it rated 4 stars? o.0
frag971    (2007-01-13 13:16:44)
horrible sound. wont botehr watching it
Geurrilla    (2007-01-13 10:01:35)
Boring movie :P
Talvas    (2007-01-09 13:56:23)
slither    (2007-01-09 10:05:53)
really bad sound quality... ouch
Logann    (2007-01-09 08:04:03)
to Quote Xzawier. "Wow cool!".
hazal    (2007-01-08 12:14:00)
what am I watching?
Medaron    (2007-01-08 11:25:44)
sounds is not that good :S
NikolaRaven    (2007-01-08 08:54:42)
srew it =/
Thallion    (2007-01-08 02:02:57)
well at around 30 min into the video he shows his guild promo movie
zyr0k    (2007-01-07 15:14:34)
I think watching this for 43 mins and 38 secs is a waste of time ;p
Belac    (2007-01-07 14:48:11)
well i watched the 1st 2 mins and got bored...dont wana watch 45mins of that lol.
Xzawier    (2007-01-07 14:45:09)
Wow cool! Smile
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