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TitleWarcraft Sin City
DescriptionA World Of Warcraft machinimation based on the "The Customer Is Always Right" story seen on the movie Sin City.
Submitted by rollie
Published2007-06-06 14:34:53
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newnari    (2007-10-20 06:30:38)
HE KILLED HER....what a retard....Big Grin
Wojtas2409    (2007-09-23 08:28:48)
1/5 buuu
tonange    (2007-08-17 19:46:28)
tonange    (2007-08-17 19:45:31)
This movie sucked i knw a good movie when i see one so i rate 1 and i hate sin city
azzakabaz    (2007-06-08 22:43:58)
awsome i love sin city u should make more bu ti think it would have worked even better with human they dont look so top heavy and they dont wave there arms as mmuch when they talk
Terothus    (2007-06-08 16:19:00)
WTF?! Nicely done vid!! But sad... :P
BaronSoosdon    (2007-06-08 14:19:26)
Yea I did make it Big Grin

Could the mods just fix it under my account? NP if they can't :P
Shazam    (2007-06-07 14:17:23)
this was pretty cool! the movie is awsome :P
ColdReign Studios    (2007-06-07 06:24:38)
Erm...didnt BaronSoosdon make this movie and nice one.
sniperdude    (2007-06-06 20:09:08)
love it
BloodFang11    (2007-06-06 16:34:51)
seconed i just had 2 say that but nice
Tkn    (2007-06-06 15:51:57)
Well made, love it=D
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