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TitleWorld of WarCraft Car Commercial
CategoryComedy, Other
DescriptionIf Blizzard ever tried to sell a car, this is what the commercial would look like.
Submitted by rollie
Published2007-06-09 15:44:47
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Stersin    (2007-08-29 14:10:18)
Um... I know that the new class is gonna be uber... but this is not. Frown
timmay    (2007-07-11 15:35:11)
its kinda random but it is probaly what blizzard will do a cermerical 4/5 good movie gratz
kibano    (2007-06-11 15:16:38)
Ulmega    (2007-06-11 13:56:10)
lol, wage war with dwarves!
Cricker    (2007-06-11 13:24:21)
What does this have to do with a car?
azzakabaz    (2007-06-10 21:05:50)
lol lol dwarf ftw
Monkee Man    (2007-06-10 19:46:04)
this is weird
sniperdude    (2007-06-09 23:30:38)
ok random
BloodFang11    (2007-06-09 18:05:09)
ummmmmm i guess its not thw worst thing ive seen but a dwarf come on man get with the program 3/5
walkyria    (2007-06-09 16:55:08)
i take this aint available in diesel
luke64    (2007-06-09 15:56:02)
uhhh.... k
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