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TitleI Feel Fantastic
CategoryComedy, Dance/Music
Tagsspiffworld, fantastic
Descriptions Contributing Troubador for PopSci Magazine, Jonathan Coulton made this song for one of their articles which described how, in the future, people may be able to take a pill to let them feel however they wanted. That may not be such a great thing... This video is an entry in the PopSci Jonathan Coulton/I Feel Fantastic video contest.
Submitted by spiffworld
Published2007-06-13 14:04:42
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Deekay    (2008-02-16 07:17:30)
hehe lol :P
would be sick if sum1 realy had that many potions and pills and stuff xD 4/5 :P
BigguN_s    (2007-09-02 13:17:28)
nice movie i give it 5 stars
lizzyb    (2007-08-15 00:13:05)
ok it silly i see y its 5 stars Smile
unara    (2007-06-20 10:39:06)
I think the buffs symbolize the fact he feels fantastic Big Grin
Ryker    (2007-06-16 14:31:27)
those arn't buffs there icons and please maroyona however you spell it doesn't technicly count on "perscription"
Tyrannes    (2007-06-14 21:51:30)
Eggbreath it's a music video :0!
kibano    (2007-06-14 12:43:46)
lol lol nice music nice movie!
eggbreath    (2007-06-14 12:16:11)
WTF i dont even get the point
of vid just about some dwarf drinking some wierd buffs sighns?
Razmataz    (2007-06-14 11:07:47)
Yay, Jonathan Coulton again! Nice buff list. :P
Good speedy music and enjoyable.
Adrèlf    (2007-06-14 07:38:02)
Ragecleaver    (2007-06-14 07:19:24)
Deekay    (2007-06-13 14:47:38)
is that many buffs even posible
sorry for the english*dutch
sorry for that 2 xD alot of sorry for noting WHEEEE peanuts and monekey =]
Deekay    (2007-06-13 14:42:28)
rofl srry 2 say 1st xD
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