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Titleworld of warcraft with 300
CategoryDance/Music, Drama
Tags300, warcraft
DescriptionAnother WoW 300
Submitted by jht95
Published2007-06-22 14:40:21
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Iwilltank    (2007-08-10 13:22:58)
lrn2edit noob
Ryker    (2007-07-19 11:12:51)
wow the opening cinematics to wow and music tho good music its crap
kibano    (2007-07-11 05:58:17)
this suck so hard!! my version of s300 is better! read this:
some slash and slash...
rest at night bla bla bla
fight more bla bla bla
die and xerxes is hit by leonidas spear and leonidas die and then 30 000 spartans come and kick some persian ass! THE END!
Xpozer    (2007-07-06 09:16:14)
the musik whasent to bad but the movie... common i aggre with the others...
illidamed    (2007-07-01 22:12:30)
Wow,......I give you 2/5 because your new and I liked music
Razmataz    (2007-06-25 01:50:12)
¤?├Ş├Ş├?┬áindeedy. ><
Music fit in well though..
ZmarT^    (2007-06-24 04:02:56)
N00B movie 1/5
Richardlionheart    (2007-06-23 00:17:14)
Well... Not very creative. All you did was add music. But 2/5 because I like the music...
Richardlionheart    (2007-06-23 00:07:08)
Just gotta say it because I've never done it. Comment will follow.

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