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TitleTime Gnomes III... wait a second...
Tagstime, gnomes, Rurikar
DescriptionSYKE! Time Gnomes III is well, it's painful to make... lets go with that. Instead I bring you this cop out to keep people from PMing me about Time Gnomes III.
Submitted by Rurikar
Published2007-07-02 10:34:14
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kibano    (2007-07-12 03:32:40)
btw he says " lets go play dota"
johnny12833    (2007-07-11 19:58:36)
This is so scary send this comment to over 5 videos and when you are done press f6 and your crushes name will appear in big letters this is so scary it actully works!
dwarfdude!    (2007-07-10 11:20:03)
lol awesome movie
kibano    (2007-07-08 15:11:36)
abonnent    (2007-07-04 15:08:12)
omfg, noob specing XD im warr myself, lol, 2 points crueltyXD and dont have mortal strike XD and 5 points in booming!!! that sucks
Karlsson    (2007-07-03 19:45:45)
rofl, i love it :P kinda -.-'' the other once have been funnier but its ok.. 5p as i didnt judge the last 2 and yeah watevah

btw.. what dose he say in the end ?? lets go play hes dougther ? oO
iban    (2007-07-03 10:00:10)
lol good movie gief time gnomes 3 damn it!
abonnent    (2007-07-02 10:53:53)
2nd, hahaha, i lowe ur vids, nicely done, keep good work
Thewar12    (2007-07-02 10:43:55)
FIRST! ^^ but anyway, this one sucks, why upload things like this?
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