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Q: What is Warcraft Cinema?
A: Warcraft Cinema is a revolutionary new way to watch World of Warcraft videos. No more waiting..!

Q: How often are new movies added?
A: We try to add new movies to the site every day, so check back often.

Q: How can I help?
A: You can help us stay updated by uploading movies.

Q: Why can't I view movies?
A: There are several possible causes of this. First, you may not have an appropriate version of your Flash plugin. Warcraft Cinema requires Flash 7.0 or higher. Download it here. Second, you may not have cookies set in your browser. To prevent abuse of the site, we require visitors to have cookies enabled.

Q: Why do I have to register?
A: Bandwidth and server expenses for this website are very expensive. It really is a very modest request that we ask of people to register if they want to view more than three movies a day. Most sites charge for this type of thing, but all we ask is a free registration. Registration allows you to fully participate in the WCC and Azzor communities by posting comments, rating movies, and becoming active members of the forums.

Q: I don't like ads. Can I block them?
A: Yes, we hope to make this a premium-type option in the future. Until then, the *only* way that Warcraft Cinema is able to even hope of paying for our server costs is through advertising. Some people have found "third-party" ad-blockers in the past, but we strongly request that WCC visitors not use these. The livelyhood and future existance of this site depend on the ad revenue. Without it this site will be gone.

Q: Do you have any future plans for the website?
A: Of course! We are constantly working on new features, but thats all we can say for the moment. Stay tuned... :-)

Q: What will the Alliance race be in the Burning Crusade expansion?
A: Chuck Norris. Sorry Horde!

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